Window screening

An electrically conductive and optically transparent EMI shield that reduces the exposure of building occupants to electromagnetic radiation from nearby microwave and radio frequency sources. These sources of electrical and magnetic energy include cellular towers (4G, 5G, 6G) and also many other electronic devices, including WLAN.

This film also prevents data theft and hacking. Intentional electromagnetic interference (I.E.M.I.) attacks are another important threat to guard against.
As more and more data is transmitted and shared electronically, protection against eavesdropping and video reconstruction becomes increasingly important.

This film therefore presents an architectonic shielding solution that is becoming increasingly important not only in private buildings for protection against electromagnetic radiation, but also for governmental organisations, companies, architects and building owners who are looking for ways to design secure buildings.

The film can be easily adapted to existing designs or integrated into laminated glazing to reduce the intensity of radiation in living and working spaces.

Window shielding film 75-183

Window shielding film 75-183

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