Shielding canopy Nahida

Product.Nr.: Nahida

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  • weight 4,4 kg

product description

(High frequency)

Shielding canopy for protection against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

A canopy for royal nights!

The outside has a satin look with warm golden tone. Through the loops the elegant suspension, made of solid beech wood, is visible. The inner ceiling is covered with lace and looks elegant and noble. An exceptional semi-transparent model consisting of satinel, a fine-silver-metallized polyamide fabric with excellent shielding properties. Satinel is particularly suitable for shielding high-frequency electromagnetic waves and can also be used for shielding low-frequency alternating electric fields if grounding is suitable. The earthing sets are available as accessories.

No electrical devices may be operated within the canopy, please consider the necessary distances from lamps, hot light sources and walls (abrasion) to the fabric.

IMPORTANT: Silver-plated products have the property of changing colour as a result of tarnishing. This usually has no influence on the shielding of the material.

If an additional floor shielding is required, we recommend our underbed shielding.

Double bed
Height 2.30 m 
2 openings
Weight: Nahida 2 kg, wooden suspension 2.4 kg
Colour: silver / gold
Metallization: 99% fine silver, Ag
Testing standards: MIL-STD 285, NSA 65-6
Composition: silver-plated polyamide knit
Shielding attenuation:  55 dB
Grounding accessories are not included.

Care instructions: Particularly gentle washing (fine or wool wash cycle at 30°C)
Bleaching not allowed
No detergents with bleach, do not tumble dry. No chemical cleaning required