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The digital transformation of society is the central project of governments and industry worldwide. Everything is to be digitally and mobile networked, for SmartCitys, SmartHomes, Smart Mobility, SmartFactorys, SmartSchools. Billions of networked Internet devices will permanently transmit WLAN and 5 G in the microwave frequencies.
Increased radiation exposure and digital monitoring endanger our health and our living space will be wrapped in an increasingly dense cloud of electrosmog.
Total environmental contamination from electrosmog - all homes and residential areas are forcibly exposed - no more places to recover from permanent electrical stress - waste of energy, exploding resource consumption and endless electronic waste - and comprehensive step-by-step surveillance.
The number of renowned scientists and doctors warning of 5G is growing worldwide. Some have even recently made an appeal to the UN, WHO and the EU.

We offer you solutions to protect yourself and your family.