Quick-Install shielding tents

Products at a glance - Quick-Install shielding tents

Shielded tents for high-precision EMC measurements

Quick-Install tents, easy to transport, made of special very conductive metal fabric, consisting of one or more layers and which provide a very effective protection against electromagnetic waves!

The increasing demand for fast feasible, repeatable and economical measuring methods is fulfilled thanks to these transportable tents.

The use of these tents is varied, fast, flexible and inexpensive. They can be erected directly around the testing objects, which eliminates time-consuming transports into electromagnetically shielded rooms and thus avoids transport costs and the risk of damage to transport.

The construction is self-supporting due to the use of rods made of aluminium tubes.

EMC tents consist of one or more layers of metallized, highly conductive and extremely light polyamide fabric. The access area is provided with conductive Velcro or magnetic closure as well as zipper. Thus, an efficient shielding is also ensured in the opening area.

Very convenient, the protective fabric allows to cover all curved surfaces, even the most complex ones.

Size: According to customer requirements


  • Space for pre-qualification of compatibility
  • Security of data and prevention of the environment in the medical field.
  • Aerospace applications
  • Automotive Applications
  • Computer Forensics and cell phone
  • Military use/Embassy
  • Security communication or Tempest
  • Radar Jammer
  • Preliminary compliance Audit
  • EMI Temporary Shield


- No transportation costs
- Reduced testing times, and no risk of transport damage for valuable testing objects.
- Light weight
- Cost effective
- Portable
- Space saving
- Durability


- Light weight
- Cost effective
- Portable
- Space saving
- Durability
- Very high SE performance
- Clean room compatible if needed


Completely corrosion-resistant.
Optimized for EMI and EMC.
Ability to define the efficiency of the shielding with the customer
The shielding values depend on the size and type of opening required for the customer.