Grounding tape TEC 3-m-3

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product description

NF + HF (low frequency + high frequency)

  •     for earthing at the equipotential bonding of building fabrics, shielding fleeces and shielding paint conductive adhesive surface with adhesive cover for safe shielding of alternating electric fields

    Electrically conductive earthing band for connection to equipotential bonding.
    The tape is used for "grounding" several strips of shielding fleece, shielding fabrics or surfaces with painted shielding paints.

    Both the fleece layer and the adhesive layer of the self-adhesive earthing tape are electrically conductive. Thus the tape can be applied both on and under e.g. shielding paint.

    We recommend gluing the tape in the base area beforehand  and then coating it with shielding paint. This ensures that the tape is held optimally on the wall.

    The TEC 3.0 grounding tape does not have to be glued on by a qualified electrician and can be done by you in advance.
    All electrical work (connecting the earthing plate to the equipotential bonding system, work on electrical devices and systems) must be carried out and checked by a qualified electrician or under his supervision!

    Use the earthing tape only in dry, normal-temperature interiors. No open outdoor use!

    Colour silver / grey; black
    Length: by the meter
    width 30 mm
    Weight per unit area 105g/m² ±10%
    thickness ~ 0,2 mm
    Composition Poliamide fleece, copper-plated/tin-plated (PBN2), acrylate adhesive, electrically conductive
    Surface conductivity < 1.0 Ω/□
    Adhesive cover, peel-off tape - Adhesive and fleece layer electrically conductive
    Shielding attenuation max. in dB ~ 80 dB
    Shielding attenuation max. in % > 99.999999 %
    Thermal load -40 °C - +90 °C
    Tensile force ~ 2N / 10 mm
    Application: The earthing tape is used to integrate existing shielding surfaces into the equipotential bonding.
    Scope of delivery: self-adhesive earthing tape (by the meter)
    The earthing tape is cut to the nearest centimeter according to your requirements and depends on the width of the shielding surface.

    Warranty: The warranty period for this product when handled properly is the usual 2 years (§434 BGB + §446 BGB).