ESI23 Electro-Smog Detector

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product description

The esi 23 has a very sensitive antenna system that makes alternating electric and magnetic fields and high-frequency radiation visible using the LED traffic light principle.
Different field strengths are represented by the individual traffic light colours and this is supported by a loudspeaker that gives an audible indication of field strengths.
The display shows 5 different levels in this way, ranging from no abnormality (i.e. no significant radiation exposure) to extreme abnormality (strong exposure to radiation).
Locations exposed to high levels of radiation should generally be avoided and as little time as possible should be spent there.
For all models, the levels set for the LED displays are determined by the guideline values for sleeping areas recommended by the Institute for Building Biology, Germany
If you are concerned by very abnormal values, you should consult an experienced specialist for Building Biology.

• Simultaneous detection:

  •  LF alternating magnetic field – Low frequency: 16Hz – 3kHz in nT
  •  LF alternating electric field – Low frequency: 16Hz – 3kHz in V/m
  •  HF electro-magnetic waves – High frequency: 50MHz – 6GHz in μW/ m²

Optical display: using LEDs – light-emitting diodes: green, green and amber, amber, amber and red, red (see table of values below). Range of measurement is determined by guideline values for sleeping areas (SBM-2008) recommended by the Institute for Building Biology, Germany
Audible indicator: Sound frequency changes with increasing field strengths
Location mode for electric cables: 220/230 V - 50/60 Hz Optical display with two light-emitting diodes (green and red) at the top of the display unit Please note: the location mode only shows the presence of electric fields – information about their strength is not provided
“Freeze” mode: the measurement is stored for hidden locations where the display is not directly visible
Measurement processing: by means of 8-Bit micro-controller
Power supply: 9 V battery pack • Operating time: 10 to 15 hours in permanent operation (depending on type of operation)
Weight: 140 g
Dimensions: 140 x 63 x 30 mm • Dimensions of packaging: 160 x 90 x 42 mm
• Manufacture: Germany
• compliance CE

• esi 23 Detector
• 9V 6LR61 battery
• operating instructions