Curtain fabric "Linon" - width 3,30 m

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product description

HF (High frequency)

Linon is an semi-transparent and air-permeable polyester fabric that shields high-frequency radiation.
This soft flowing fabric is used for the fabrication of canopies or for partial shielding of entire rooms and sleeping areas. Linon has an exquisite appearance and perfectly fits to every stile. The shielding attenuation is exceptionally high and is direction independent.

Technical data:

Width: 3,30 cm / sold by metre
Color: very light grey
Testing standard: MIL-STD 285, NSA 65-6
Shielding attenuation: max. 40 dB

Care characteristics:
The material can be washed with 40°C in delicate wash course. That Fabric cannot be spun or dried by machine.
Too high Mechanics could damage the textil.