CEMprotect 34 Electro-Smog Detector

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product description

• Simultaneous detection of electrical, magnetic and high frequency radiation.
• Very wide detection spectrum, from 1 MHz to 10GHz and for low frequencies from 10Hz to 5 Khz.
• Microwave detection with a „high sensitivity“ mode allowing to be more precise during the detection and at levels corresponding to the tolerance thresholds of electro-sensitive 
• Acoustic analysis of high frequencies, i.e. the identification of the nature of the sources of radiation pulsed by an acoustic signal proportional to the modulated frequency.

Equipped with high-performance antennas, the new Cemprotec 34 is one of the few devices to simultaneously detect electrical radiation, magnetic radiation and high frequencies, with extreme sensitivity and a very wide detection spectrum (up to 10 Ghz)!
Its very attractive selling price, and its manufacture makes it one of the best detectors in its category. More precise than other detectors, Cemprotec 34 allows to know precisely its level of exposure to waves, especially for high frequency radiation thanks to its new „full HF“ mode, very appreciated by electro-sensitive people. This function makes it possible to detect high frequencies at levels well below traditional thresholds.

It allows to easily control the exposure to electromagnetic waves in both private and professional spaces, such as schools, town halls, works councils, therapists, electricians, control companies, etc.

Technical information :

- Detection spectrum : High frequency : From 1 MHz to 10GHz
- Low frequency (electric and magnetic): From 10Hz to 5 KHz
- Indicative table provided with the corresponding LED values
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 180 x 50 x 30 mm
- 1 year warranty. Weight: 90g (excluding packaging).
- Power supply 9V battery (included)

Advantages :

- Versatile : low and high frequency detection
- FULL HF“ mode very useful for electro-sensitive people.
- Very practical acoustic analysis
- For private and professional use
- Three-dimensional detection of magnetic radiation